Our company creates mosaic murals of any sizes from natural stone such as granite and marble or smalti. It can be a small image from smalti or marble. Many mosaic murals in the Saint-Petersburg metro were completed by our firm. Smalta-Mosaic also creates art glass, anything from simple combined stained-glass to elaborate art glass paintings. Our firm creates full range of work from conceptual stage to final production in art glass and smalti. We also can work on the basis of the customer’s own concept designs, in which case our artisans will pick an optimal materials and execution option. More…

Special attention is given to individual artists works. Decorative mosaic murals and stained-glass ceilings, chandeliers and many other designer’s items are produced individually and exclusively for a single client, and will never be reproduced again.

Smalta Mosaica LLC has an extensive portfolio and tremendous work experience in Saint-Petersburg and numerous cities throughout the Russian Federation. Many of the examples of our work can be seen throughout Saint-Petersburg Metro stations.

Our team consists of  high class professionals, talented artist, artisans and stained-glass masters are of highest degree, will be happy to create a unique interior for your needs, create a mural for your office building or façade with mosaic incrustations.

We strongly believe that developing a tight professional relationship with our customers is our main goal.

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Работы наших мастеров в новом вестибюле метро Спасская

7 ноября 2013 года в Санкт-Петербурге открыт наземный вестибюль станции метро"Спасская". Далее...

Открылись новые станции метро: «Бухарестская» и «Международная»

28 декабря 2012 года открылись новые станции Петербургского метрополитена – «Бухарестская» и «Международная». 66-я и 67-я станции метро в нашем городе, они являются 11-ой и 12-ой в творческой биографии Александра Быстрова, действительного члена Российской академии художеств, народного художника РФ, профессора и руководителя монументальной мастерской Института им. И.Е.Репина (Академии Художеств).   Далее...